Frequently Asked Questions

Which kinds of services do you offer? What can you do for me?
I can help you to create:
  • Hand-painted custom murals to beautify your interior space and make your walls come to life.
  • One-of-a-kind decorative faux finishes for rooms and furniture.
  • Custom color where you need it most.
  • Expert color matching and consultation.
  • A make-believe world of enchantment for your children.
How do I know if a mural is right for me?
Well usually, it’s because you are unable to locate anything out there that is in the right design or colors that you want. You are not satisfied with what everybody else has and desire something unique and all your own. In a word, you cherish self-expression.
How much does it cost?
Custom mural work is really affordable when you consider the alternatives that are wallpaper or framed art. With premium wall coverings, by the time you find what you want, order the material and then pay for installation, you can be looking at quite a sum. And when you get tired of it, it has to be stripped and repainted.
The beauty of a mural is that it can be painted over after you get tired of it without having to strip or scrape the walls. Often modifications can be done to update it as your tastes change or as kids grow up. Depending on the subject matter and the amount of detail, expect to pay at least $1,100.00 on up for an entire wall which takes 3-5 days. Smaller projects can be had for $400.00 on up.
When you compare that to a framed piece of art, unless you get something from China, you can expect to pay quite a bit for even a small painting, and then there’s the frame. (Check out the galleries if you don’t believe me!)
Can you tailor it to my budget?
Absolutely. Just let me know what your price range is and I can design something to fit it. By keeping the design very simple and the details to a minimum, we can usually keep the cost quite reasonable, and still end up with something truly unique. When necessary, I can arrange a payment plan to divide the amount into three equal payments, allowing a little more time to pay, as long as it’s something agreed upon in advance.
How long does a mural last? If it’s damaged can it be touched up?
A custom painted mural or faux finish generally lasts as long as any good painted wall surface. What tends to happen is that people grow tired of the colors, or kids outgrow the subject long before the surface wears out. Minor damage can usually be repaired without too much fuss. I charge a flat rate to do touch-ups and there is a two-hour minimum.
How long will it take?
That depends on the complexity of the design and the amount of detail. Murals featuring detailed and realistic animals and people take longer than less realistic figures or trees and grass for instance. Full wall scenes can take anywhere from 3-6 days depending on the size. Entire rooms can take 3-6 weeks, depending on working conditions. A faux-finish takes anywhere from 2-3 days per room and depends on the number and layers of colors or glazes. Some techniques take longer to dry between coats, while others are a one-shot deal.
How far will you travel?
I’m based in the Portland, Oregon area, but I will travel as far as I need to go to get the job done. Pricing for out of town jobs will include the cost of meals and lodging, unless the client provides them. Mileage is charged for at a rate of 45cents per mile for the round trip.